What We Believe


Listen to our What We Believe Seminar taught by Pastor Mike Perdomo in 2014.




We believe that scripture is inspired by God. We believe that translations can have errors, but what was written by the authors was without error.

We do not believe that scripture was ever meant to be a means for God to speak to us. God speaks to us by the Holy Spirit in us. But the Holy Spirit teaches us what scripture says.   READ MORE >



We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But nowhere in scripture does the Bible explain three beings as being one God. We believe that there is one God above all, His absolute equal and Son, Jesus Christ (as clearly described in John 17:3) and the Spirit that they share, the Holy Spirit.   READ MORE >



We believe that all sin came from one man, Adam. We do not believe that sin is a choice that individuals make, but rather an inherited state that all people are born into.   READ MORE >



We believe that death is not only a final state of inactivity, but a life-long process that all people are subject to without Jesus. All death is due to being born in sin, Adam’s sin.   READ MORE >



We believe that obedience to God is quite simply “doing whatever God commands.” Under the old law of Moses, obedience was keeping that law. But due to a new law having been put into effect through Jesus, new covenant obedience is strictly and solely to put faith in Him. And that is all.   READ MORE >



We believe that the old law of works (the law of Moses) was put in place, not to be kept, but to show us our desperate inability to have ever kept it. It was only put in place to lead us to a point of forsaking it and choosing righteousness through Jesus (Galatians 3:24).   READ MORE >



We believe that salvation and righteousness are not received by works, but through faith in Jesus, and can therefore never be lost. Neither by works, by choice or by denunciation can a Christian ever become unsaved. We believe that if someone denounces Christ and forsakes hearing Him, that person has never come to salvation to begin with (1 John 2:19).   READ MORE >



We believe the Holy Spirit’s ministry to the world is show them their need to believe in Jesus. And His ministry to the believer is to show them the inheritance that Jesus has already given them.

We believe in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they are clearly taught in scripture. We believe they are supposed to be practiced regularly in the church, while maintaining decency and order.   READ MORE >



We believe that water baptism is merely an outward symbol and proclamation of salvation, not a prerequisite for salvation.   READ MORE >



We believe that the Lord’s Supper is merely a symbol and celebration of the death of Jesus, not the actual body and blood of Christ, nor a means to receive anything from God.   READ MORE >



We believe that the Resurrection (the age to come) has already been provided through Jesus. It is on the inside of every believer, accessed by faith. The only reason why all things will be made new in a day to come (when Jesus comes back) is because what we have in us will be manifested (Romans 8:19-21).   READ MORE >



We believe that the judgment to come is reserved only for the Devil and his angels. But we believe that people will join them in this judgment without putting faith in Jesus.   READ MORE >



We believe in giving to the Gospel, to other believers and to the poor.

We do not believe that tithing or giving of anything is a means of blessing from God. We believe receiving from God only comes through faith in Jesus.

We believe that tithing is a shadow of new covenant truths, just the same as circumcision, burnt offerings, or the sabbath (all practiced under the law and before the law). All giving in the New Covenant is free will, not a required percentage.   READ MORE >