Pastor Jose grew up in Queens, New York where he was raised for most of his youth. Pastor Jose did not know the Lord at the time and grew up with different ideas of who God was. Pastor Jose’s family would move to the Dominican Republic for his high school years. When he was eighteen he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. It was while in the navy, stationed in Virginia that he met a young lady named Kimberly.

Pastor Jose and Miss Kim began dating. At this time Pastor Jose was not convinced of the truth, while Miss Kim had been saved since her childhood. Although Miss Kim and Pastor Jose often talked about Jesus, Pastor Jose didn’t understand how a God could forgive someone no matter what they had done. He often protested with Miss Kim, ‘So I could go out and kill someone and God would still forgive me?’ A hardy yes would come back from Miss Kim. But Pastor Jose wasn’t convinced.





At the time Miss Kim attended church in Middletown, New York, but Pastor Jose would stay back. One day while at work, a colleague of Pastor Jose’s gave him a tape of a Christian comedian (for those of you who don’t know, a cassette tape was the current media element of the 1990’s). Pastor Jose listened to the tape and upon returning to work this colleague invited him to church and Pastor Jose accepted. This church just happened to be the church Miss Kim was attending! And it was at this church that Pastor Jose met Jesus.

Needless to say, Pastor Jose began regularly attending church with Miss Kim. After a few years Miss Kim’s family invited them to attend CFF, which ultimately became Pastor Jose and Miss Kim’s new church.

Pastor Jose volunteered to buff the floors every week before Sunday Service. He then became a teacher in the children’s ministry. And soon he would leave his secular job and become a full time Children’s Pastor.

Pastor Jose served as Children’s Pastor for more than ten years. He was content and happy to stay in Children’s Ministry for as long as the Lord wanted him to. But after more than ten years, Pastor Jose believed the Lord was moving him to serve in a different capacity. He soon left Children’s Ministry and began to serve as Pastor over Congregational Care. And on December 18, 2005 God gave Pastor Jose the vision for “Harvest Family Church” (at the time).

“Harvest Family Church” began in Pastor Jose’s living room. After a couple of temporary homes, Harvest Church is now located at 2631 Route 52, Liberty NY.

It was prophesied over Pastor Jose and Miss Kim on February 2, 1999, ‘I have not put a popular message on the inside of you, but a necessary one…’ We have found that to be oh so true of the message that God has developed in our hearts over the years. God has shown us things that do not seem to be taught in many places in the world. It’s not unpopular because it’s a hard pill to swallow – on the contrary, it’s such good news! It is unpopular because most believers have been taught traditional ideas from people and have not heard the real truth from God.




​Pastor Jose, Miss Kim and their family would like to offer you a place to be discipled — Harvest Church. Pastor Jose has often said that HC will not be a place where people will be offered vain and empty things, but where people will be offered the truth of God! We are not about all the ‘things’ that churches typically revolve around. We are about the Word of God and seeing people’s lives changed because of it. That is our focus and we will let all other things revolve around that. This is not church the way you’ve heard it before. We are about preaching the true Word of God into the hearts of people. This is the beginning of a restoration of knowledge in the church today. We would like to invite you to be a part of this and we hope to share with you the truth that God has shared with us.


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Pastor Mike (Associate Pastor),  Miss Kim (Helps Ministry Leader),  Pastor Jose (Senior Pastor),  Miss Lindsay (Worship Leader),  Bro. Matt (Youth Teacher)